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Abdul Rahim | Marketing Adviser

الحمد لله كثيرًا I went for Hajj this year for the first time, I was very nervous and excited at the same time that finally الله سبحانه و تعالى have invited me and my wife to perform Hajj.
We had several choices to make when it comes to which group to join.

When it comes to spending money, I have a different point of view than most out there. Travelling and performing Hajj with Al Huda group was like a big family. We get to know all Al Huda families and bonded stronger than before. I loved the fact that my wife was happier than ever to be in such a sacred journey with likeminded people in form of a big family.
Since this was once in a lifetime event for me and my wife, we would rather spend little extra money and perform all the rituals peacefully and with full concentration (which we did Alhamdulillah), rather than worry about all the other necessities and logistical issues. I have heard lots of stories about how people had to wait for hours for bathroom, wudu, food, and had to find place to sleep etc., that was not the case with our group. Our travel team was extremely organized and made us feel like they literally held our hands and guide us through each of Hajj rituals.
At times I wonder why others don’t use Dar El Salam group. As human beings, we tend to buy nice and expensive stuff, cars, jewelry, house, watches and other dunya stuff, and when comes to spending money on quality time with Allah, we fell short and torture ourselves for few dollars savings.
I would Highly recommend Dar El Salam, Al Huda Group for a pleasant and peaceful experience during Hajj time, and may Allah accept everyone’s Hajj and give us opportunity to go again,
آمــــــــــين يا رب العالمين

Abdul Rahim | Atlanta, GA

Maryam Akram | 15 years old

In my entire 15 years of life, I myself had heard a lot of stories about people and their different experiences in Hajj. All those incidents about stampedes, dehydration, sicknesses and all other challenges of Hajj made me a little terrified to be honest. Two years ago, my uncle along with his wife had gone for Hajj with the group Daressalam. We asked about his experience and they said it was real smooth and easy. They said it was a peace of cake. And I wondered….. Can Hajj really be that easy? So, SubhanAllah, after two years, I got a chance to go for Hajj with my Khala. When my mom asked, I was like, why not? Let’s give it a try. So me and my mom were accommodated in a small group of Alhuda members. Among them was my online teacher I really wanted to see and my Khala so you can tell how excited I was when I found out I was going to Hajj for the first time and I was gonna meet my teacher I hadn’t met and go on Hajj with my mother and Khala, my Mamoo and Mami 🙂

I still was scared about how would our Hajj be. With courage and placing my trust in Allah, I assured myself everything would go just fine. So we met up with my teacher on the airport Abu Dhabi where we joined and flew for Saudia. Our first stop was in Madina and we met with the Alhuda group during dinner. I myself knew no one except for my mother, Khala, Mamoo, Mami and teacher… So I was like I have no idea what the experience would be. I know no one so I won’t be much of a friend. I’d just be a stranger….

But all that changed. Each member from Alhuda was so nice and kind, I had no idea. They treated me like I was a long known friend. They cared for me so much that I was overloaded with love. Each Alhuda member cared in their own unique way, I can’t even explain it. We used to wear same coloured Ihraams and our Mina Roommates would wondered if we all were a family. And to be honest, we did feel like a family. If anyone of us got sick, they would forget themselves and do all they could just for the patient. During free time in Mina, we would conduct Q and A sessions, have a small talk related to importance of Dhikr etc. We would wake up for tahajjud, and pray then have a small group discussion and share the significance about such acts. We had a great time together. To be honest, I am at loss for words….
My very first Hajj experience with Alhuda and Darassalam, is just unbelievable. It went so smooth. No accidents, no crowded hours, so many facilities, Brother Nasir, our very kind, humble and supportive group leader, and not to forget the amazing Alhuda group.
Now…. when I recall those days, I miss them very much. It was such a splendid experience, I want to go again.
If anyone of you wants to go for Hajj, I highly would recommend to join Alhuda’s group and go with Darassalam. If a teenager like me enjoyed such an experience and want to go again and again, without any shadow of a doubt, I know you’ll feel the same too. So give it a try and you’ll love it as much as I did InshaAllah. I promise.

Saira Nawaz | Maryam’s Mom

Now that I look back, I performed my very first Hajj in 2002 with my parents and Sister Shazia. And I’ve seen all hardships people face during the Hajj season, I can assure you about that. It was my heart longing wish to perform Hajj again with Sister Shazia….. I got a chance once before but for some reason, I was unable to do it.
Also, as a staff member of Alhuda, I also wished to meet the Alhuda staff of USA, since I heard about them so much. And I had no idea how would I meet them. I was in Pakistan. They were in the US. How would I?
Just like they say that there is wisdom in every decision of Allah, I had no idea why I couldn’t perform Hajj or meet the members. Then, Alhamdullillah, I got a chance to perform Hajj with Sister Shazia by Darassalam and what surprised me the most was that the members I really wanted to meet were joining as well. And I was like, SubhanAllah! That was why Allah made me wait till 2019; both of my deep wishes were fulfilled.
I was accompanied with my eldest daughter, who was just 15 years old at that time, and I was worried how would she handle the hardships, since as a mother, I know that a child is not so capable to handle so many hardships at an early age…. But Allah knew best.
My daughter, brother, sister in law and I went from Pakistan and began our Hajj journey together. It was a beautiful experience…. I am blank when it comes to explain it. When I met the USA staff members, they were way better than what I had comprehended. I had no idea my imagination would be so limited. They were always there to support and motivate us.
🔹When anyone of us felt frustrated, they reminded us that this is what Hajj is about. It is a test of Sabr.
🔹When anyone of us had doubt in their individual performance and fulfilment of the Manasik, the Alhuda Staff was there to clarify.
🔹I had never seen anyone being so dedicated, so helpful , so organised than the Alhuda Staff members.
🔹The one thing that inspired me the most that even with spending so much time as a group, each had achieved their target by doing special Ibadaah in secrecy which most people couldn’t.

Though, to be honest, it was true that at times the Alhuda Staff was engaged in helping others, but they made sure they never lost an opportunity.
Not to forget my beloved brother and sister in law who helped me so much and protected my daughter. Since at times, I was unable to catch up, they were there to help my daughter. And I can’t believe that they were able to display more love and care than I could. BarakAllah! My buddies from Pakistan to Saudia and all the way back.

Also, my Hajj wouldn’t have been so peaceful if weren’t for Darassalam. Of course, I knew the difficulties back in 2002. But the facilities they had provided, I was amazed. I had never ever, in my entire life, wondered or even imagined that my Hajj would be so easy. The group leader was extremely cooperative and so supportive. They had organised it so well. They would preplan everything and inform us, organise sessions to clear out our confusions related to anything. They made sure everything was easy for us and supported whenever we had any issue. I’ll also add a personal experience of mine. My daughter and I got lost on our way from Arafa to Muzdalifah. I was scared but thanks to Darassalam, we were able to unite with our group. So you can conclude how much Darassalam are helpful and care about each individual.

My experience was incredible and I always pray that I get a chance to perform my Hajj each year with Sister Shazia, Alhuda and Darassalam.
May Allah grant me the Tawfeeq to do so. Ameen.

Sabahat Rahim | Qur’an Teacher

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركة

First and Foremost praise is to الله سبحانه و تعالى and then to my Al Huda Group and Dar el Salam.
I cannot express my feelings in words but الله سبحانه و تعالى knows that in my heart I really am thankful to all the people whom I had a chance to meet and learn during this beautiful journey.

Me and my husband were planning and making dua’a for Hajj for so long and 2019 is the year that we were blessed to go in this journey of a lifetime.

This was our first Hajj. People around us told us to go with any group but our dua’a was from the start to go with Dar el Salam one day.
One of the most special dua’a we made is to go with people we know and love each other for the sake of الله سبحانه و تعالى

The Dar el Salam from the start guided us with their detailed webinars which helped us immensely.
Our Al Huda Online workshops also started few months before our actual departure for Hajj.

The topics taught were very beneficial which covered the spiritual preparation, understanding the Manasik of Hajj and physical preparation of Hajj

Before the Hajj and during Hajj time everything was very organized and our Al Huda Group guided us in every little step.

I can confidently say that our decision to go with Dar el Salam and Al Huda Group was the best decision.
All the members in our group were a treasure of knowledge and every moment spent there was productive.
As this was my first Hajj, I was little nervous but my group members were always there for me to guide with any of my questions regarding performing Hajj.

I highly recommend everyone to go for Hajj with The Al Huda Group if they really want to focus on their ibadah, want likeminded people around them, and perform masnun Hajj

May الله سبحانه و تعالى bless us with more Hajj and Umrahs

آمــــــــــين يا رب العالمين

جزاكم الله خيرًا کثیرًا
Atlanta, GA

Shazia Nawaz | Regional Coordintor of North America

My Hajj ……. Memorable, Spiritual, Inspirational, Emotional, Calm,Cheerful, Easy, Welcoming.. along with Deeper connection with Allah سبحانه و تعالى and a Stronger love for our beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and a Cherry on the top were my Amazing Hajj Buddies none other than my AlHuda Family….. With many experiences of Blessings Ascending, Stunning Sights, having Goosebumps on many occasions.

I wish I could put my emotions in words but this time my experience of Hajj with AlHuda Buddies and Darelsalam has revoked all my apprehensions and fears.

I read somewhere “A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you.” This is exactly what my Hajj Experience was, so fulfilling and complete that even after 4 months I still have tears in my eyes while thinking about moments infront of Kaaba, at Mina, at Arafah, at Masjid-e-Nabawi and smile how my AlHuda Buddies were there for me to make my Hajj exceptional.

Why my Hajj experience was Phenomenal because when you are at Hajj its not how prepared you are for Hajj, how expensive your package is… its whom you are with.

You can end up in hotel room all day if you are tired, experiencing jet lag, lack of energy, nevertheless if you are encircled by likeminded people they inspire you, they remind you and push you, if needed not to forget why you came on this sacred journey.

Your thoughts of health issues, inability of long walks could become your phobias, but your company helps you stay focused and be Positive Allah سبحانه و تعالى can make the impossible, Possible. Thats exactly how I felt at many occasions.

Importance of being with people who have compatibility, likemindedness and same goals made this Hajj experience remarkable. We were there to discuss issues, clarify confusions and remind each other the Sunnah ways. Alhamdulillah we were able to educate ourselves and others with us.

Alhamdulillah we all plan to go for Hajj, its a difficult decision and also big financial crunch for us. After lot of thinking and research of 2 years I decided to go with Darelsalam. I would say it was the Best Choice. Though a little pricy but its worth keeping in mind my previous two Hajj experiences.

Alhamdulillah with many Istakharas, Duas, Skuras we have decided to take Hajj Group with Darelsalam.