Umrah 2025 FAQs

Perform Hajj & Umrah with Confidence

Umrah FAQS

Alhamdulillah, from this year 2023 onwards, Darelsalam can arrange Umrah Visa for any Country. If you want to Join our Group, Submit the form, and we will assist you further.

Click Here to locate the form

We will leave from JFK (New York), IAD (Virginia) and DFW (Texas) USA International Airports. But if you want to change your departing city, Dar El Salam can also help you book international flights from other gateways that may be closer to you. Package price includes price from the above Airports. If you change Departing Airport, a price change may apply.

You can contact Sister Huda Ali for quote at [email protected] +1-212-725-2022 x 109 and cc us at [email protected]

You will need an up-to-date passport.
The passport must be valid for six months.

For USA passport holders, just a copy of the passport and passport-size photo sent via email

Green Card Holders
- Passport
- 1 passport-size photo
- Meningitis vaccine
- Green Card
- Proof of relationship
To be mailed to Darelsalam Office

Other Countries You will be guided via email

Submit the form and make a deposit of $500 per person to reserve your spot.
Full payment and documents are due 45 days before departure

Yes, you can

Land Package Arrival into Jeddah Nov 11 – Depart Medinah Nov 19
Hotel check-in is at 4:00 pm
Hotel Checkout is at 12:00 pm

$1,595 per person*

$1,745 per person

$1,925 per person

$3,125 per person

Since 2022, the Hajj for Western Countries can only be booked through website.
It does not have the option of Hajj Groups yet. Therefore we are not arranging Hajj Group till things are more precise. May Allah سبحانه و تعالى make matters easy for all of us who are planning to do Hajj and Facilitate us in the Best Manner to Perform this Beautiful Worship with Ikhlas and Ihsaan.

It’s will be extra accordingly


To add a child to your package kindly contact Sister Huda Ali for more information [email protected] +1-212-725-2022 x 109


Alhamdulillah No restrictions.
All restrictions have been lifted

Moms can take the children for Umrah and Salah to the Masajid

A $500 Deposit is to reserve a spot for you, which is included in the package price.

Darelsalam will email you an invoice with $500 deducted from the package price and a link to pay the Balance 45 days before departure.

You have to submit the form given on our website and make a deposit of $500 when it is available.
Without the deposit, your spot will not be reserved.

Click Here to locate the form

We don't have an exact number yet, but some sisters will be joining us from different parts of Canada and the UK.

You can email or contact Sister Huda of Darelsalam and ask her about additional costs.
Please send her your departing airport Code to get a quote.

She is in New York USA office [email protected] +1-212-725-2022 x 109

All lectures by Daresalam Scholars will be in English only.
But ones by AlHuda Teachers will be both in Urdu and English simultaneously in sha Allah

Breakfast Buffet is included in the Package. Dinner at Hotel Buffet is Complimentary for Guests of Allah سبحانه و تعالى and is Alhamdulillah Sponsored by AlHuda Online Staff and Students

Refund and Cancellation Policy

By September 1st, if you cancel the package, you are eligible for a full refund. After that, no refund is available. Only a $25 Bank transfer Fee is charged to process the Refund.
The reason for this deadline is that Darelsalam makes all final payments to Airlines and Vendors, and many times, due to Group Bulk rates, these services are non-refundable.
Full Refund is for packages booked from JFK, DFW and IAD Dulles International Airports ONLY.
If your ticket is booked from a different gateway Airline cancellation Fee might apply.
Once the Tourist Visa is Processed, there will be no refund.

Darelsalam Team will be there at the Airport. If you take the land package, send your Itinerary to [email protected] and [email protected].

If Darelsalam arranges the flights, they have your Itinerary and will arrange to pick you up from the Airport and drop you off at the Airport.

A WhatsApp Group will be created by September to keep you posted about Umrah Group Updates. Members will be emailed the Link to Join.
📲Purpose of AlHuda Umrah Whatsapp Group
🔹To Keep members Updated about Umrah Travel
🔹Send Reminders of Lectures a Day before and 30 minutes before Lectures
🔹To Share Important Resources Related to Umrah.
🔹To Share Daily Schedules During Umrah Trip

Note: During September, the Group will be for admins Only to Post Updates and Reminders. In October, it’s open for all for any questions. If you have any questions now, please get in touch with the Whatsapp admin privately.

When you arrive at the Hotel, there will be Darelsalam Agents in the Lobby to help and Assist. Just show them your Daresalam ID or Invoice Copy. Hotel's Check-in time is 4:00 pm Saudi Time.
If you don't see anyone, wait in the Lobby. You can also message us in the AlHuda Umrah WhatsApp Group. We will be there to help.

Alhamdulillah, most of the Bank Cards Work in Saudia. We recommend $500 in cash and some small bills of $1-$5 for Sadaqah.

Alhamdulillah, there are many Restaurants Closeby you can get food from there. Some Hotels provide Room Service, but payment is the responsibility of the person ordering the food; it’s not included in Umrah Package.